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Howdy doodie!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello people,

In case anyone's actually still following this blog, thanks for visiting. The frequency of posting has definitely been less and less, and it's all down to so many things happening in life, competing with your time. There's work, family obligations, finding some free time to enjoy yourself, exercising.. sigh.. so much so that somethings suffer, and blogging and video editing is a consequence.

I've decided to do a short post, simply to share some of the stuff I've been getting up to (and in a way, this blog serves as an online diary for myself too). So here goes:

I've recently restarted my toy collection hobby. I'm now collecting 1/6 figurines etc, some of which are beautiful works of art. Here, check these out:

By the way, those are actually 1/6 (12 inch scale toys) and check out how amazingly realistic they look. Here's one I made myself (they call it Kitbashing)I call 'The First Kill':

1st Kill

If you had to kill to live, would you stare at emptiness like this guy?

And check out this guy from Hot Toys (from Hong Kong - don't you think it looks amazingly like Aaron Eckhart - Two Face from The Dark Knight?

Getting this one when it comes out in the near future.
Are there any 1/6 scale fans out there?

Until next time, I'll take more pics of my collection soon.

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New Video

Friday, September 12, 2008

This is my new video, an Ad I was commissioned to do by TelBru for their Sungaki Beduk ad on RTB. It's currently showing everyday during Ramadhan just before Sungkai at around 630pm. Check it out if you have the time.

Hope you like it.

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Taiwanese Song

Saturday, May 10, 2008

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What's been happening the past year?! February 2007-February 2008 update!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello everyone (if anyone's actually still reading this blog of course!),

It's been a while since I put up my last posting with any bit of substance (probably a year now), primarily cos I have been busy with work and life in general. I've now been able to find time to actually write something. I don't particularly know what to write about - abit rusty, but perhaps start off with a few lessons in life I have learned over the past year:

1) Take life one step at a time. Things can get stressful, but only if you allow it to get you stressed. Always have a life outside of work to escape to, either friends (both outside and work colleagues) or importantly family. They provide support and an anchor from the stresses of life.

2)Work is work and you should never be defined by what you do or what position you hold. I read somewhere that you should be able to take your work seriously, but take yourself lightly. This is very true. Some people get their ego so entangled with their job positions they start shitting on the little people because they hold a high position at work. As for me, I am defined by my achievements, my education, my family and people I love and care about, and myself. Not by my bosses or people who I do not consider as part of my life. Importantly only one person defines me: Myself.

3)There are unprincipled people everywhere, and many who will probably cross paths with you. Perhaps YOU are unprincipled yourself (although you'll never admit it and explain it away with some far fetched rationale). Unprincipled people believe they are better than other people because they see their principles as far more superior than yours. They also try to supplant your principle with theirs. They also have this narcissistic tendency to play god and if you're in the work place with such a person, you'll be privy to unprincipled actions that make anyone with any sense of work and professional ethics throw up violently.

4) Never choose to be a victim. some people, when they get victimised, wallow in being the victim. Don't. You do yourself a great disservice if you do so. Pick yourself up, be proactive (in Stephen Covey's sense) and choose NOT to be a victim. And choose to be all that is positive and get your focus centred on good principles of life.

5) Everyone has their own self agenda. Some want to be rich, some want to be the CEO, yet others want to be Datos and Pehins. EVERYONE have their own self serving agenda. But when you put a man in charge of an organisation who do not look out for the welfare of the company, its future and its people, then you're in trouble. Governance is not about doing away with self agenda and interest but with aligning self interest and agenda with the overall larger goals of the company.

6) You'll never really appreciate the importance of professionalism in the workplace until you've work with someone, perhaps a boss, who has none. You'll never truly appreciate the simplicity in life until you meet someone who is ethically and morally corrupt, self serving and will do anything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to satisfy their delusional sense of grandeur to achieve ambitions that seem more like the dreams of narcissistic madmen than anything else. You'll never truly appreciate continuing education and life long learning for yourself until you work for a boss who thinks he knows everything, but truly knows nothing.

7) Last but not least, if you're told to do anything unprincipled, unethical, and sometimes outright illegal at work, you ALWAYS have a choice. If you choose to say Yes, then you've made your bed , so lay in it and suffer whatever consequences that comes along. If you choose to say No, then you've also made your decision, and also suffer whatever consequences is dished out by the powers that be that requested you to do so in the first place. At the very least though, the right choice means you can sleep at night and be able to tell your children with some sense of pride that the world can be a better place, simply because you can always choose not to partake in evil machinations designed by morally corrupt individuals.

There. Catharsis... one year's worth ....

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Pangea Day

Wish I had found out about this earlier! Pangea Day....

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Xbox360 games for sale

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello fellow gamers,

I am selling some of my Xbox360 games, all original and well taken care of, no scratches and kept in a cool dark place!

See below for pricing. Leave a note if you're interested and I can contact you via email or sms.






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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Like I said in my previous post...
People in Temburong live with their rivers, People in Bandar dumps thrash into it.


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Beautiful Temburong

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I've only been to Temburong once before this trip and that was yonks ago when I was probably ten and was attending a family's wedding at my grandpa's (he was from Temburong). After this trip, I realised how beautiful Temburong is, and how the people there are so different than us city folks - they cherish their environment and really live with the river (unlike the crap that gets dunked into Kampung Ayer).

Everyone had fun during the trip as you can see from all the smiles...

Will definitely be going back there again sometime soon.

Enjoy the video...

Technical info: Shot on a JVC Handycam. The footage quality was ok but it was VERY interlaced, so had to deinterlace it in FCP.

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A little lump of coal turning into a diamond Part 2....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Congratulations to Tenor Potts.. well deserved. Inspirational story....

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A little lump of coal turning into a diamond

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is a wonderful example of how we should not judge a book by its cover nor to underestimate the talents that all of us may have. Inspirational video.

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