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CSI: Brunei

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I only read about this from AnakBrunei's and Ranoadidas' blogs this morning and it looks like Richard, the guy who was charged with murdering a couple and their little girl has been acquitted. Now Richard is someone who is within our family's circle of friends, and while I do not know him personally, my parents and my uncles do and work with him as well. He's lost 2 years of his life in jail for what the court has decided a crime he did not commit. While we may never know if he did do it as it seemed like the acquittal was based more on the technicality and shortcomings of the investigation process rather than outright evidence to show that he was indeed innocent, only the Man upstairs will know for sure. Whatever it is, I for one, and I am sure my parents and uncles wish him and his family well and that they can now move on from this episode.

So is the case closed then? I don't think so. There are more questions now than answers and some of them to say the least I think is highly politically sensitive. During the course of the case, it was evident from expert testimonials and many a part time CSI-Miami-New York die-hard fans that someone did not do a decent job of investigating the case. The three victims of this heinous and terrible crime have been let down by individual incompetence that has led to either of these 3 scenarios:

1) The acquittal of a guilty man,
2) A 2 year punishment dished out to an innocent party who just happen to be someone they thought would be easy to pin this crime on,
3) The wasted 2 years of investigation that I am sure the REAL guilty devils would be joyfully laughing and smiling everytime he/she/they see the case takes a twist to nail Richard while he/she/they are sitting comfortably and free in their homes.

In either case, let us not forget the victims. While I certainly hope they are now in a better place and whatever has since transpired, I feel that the families of the victims have been let down by at the very least a degree of incompetence that have failed to bring justice for them and the gallows for the true murderer(s).


  1. Blogger AnakBrunei | November 19, 2006 8:45 pm |  

    Well put bro. I agree with your assessment. Our thoughts and prayers go to the three innocent victims...

  2. Anonymous lizzie | November 20, 2006 5:52 am |  

    like you, i don't know richard personally. but based on the description from my parents, he just doesn't sound like someone who's capable of committing a crime of such magnitude. then again, who knows, eh?

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